verb - in·dent \ in-ˈdent form deep recesses or notches in (a line or surface)


Our name reflects our hope that you will become indented by our content and that you will be marked deeply after immersing yourself in our magazine.  

The Indent Journal mission is to take every individual on a journey of self discovery.  To be present in the world around us and make conscious decisions every day that empowers our most authentic self.

We are not concerned with fads and the noise of a commercial world.  We are concerned about the state of our planet, the state of human society, the state of our well being and being tapped into our true potential. 

Our success will be measured by you, our reader, that you will feel compelled to make one small decision to change after reading our platform.   It is visibly seeing those small indents create a change in the communities we live in, but most importantly ourselves. 

Welcome to an awakening for your soul.